02 September 2009

So I made a quiche...

As you might remember, I was a bit tired yesterday. Like, very very tired. Regardless of my state, we didn't have much in the house for dinner, so I knew I had to cook. I had picked out a recipe earlier that day and stopped at the grocery store on the way home. I was quite a state at the store. I had to get broccoli, for example, so I shuffled my way over to the produce department, stared at the broccoli for a minute, yawned, stared at it some more, then finally decided I probably needed one of those plastic baggie things to put it in. Thankfully I only needed a few items or I might have been at Ralph's until midnight, wandering around, mumbling, yawning, and asking various customers where I could find angel hair pasta and my slippers.

But I did make it back - eventually - and began to cook a quiche.

This is the point that I remind people who may not know me all that well that I am not, even on the best of days, that great of a cook. I can get by, I have a few things I pull off exceptionally well, but new recipes I tend to botch up pretty badly. To make matters worse, the few things I can do exceptionally well usually involve meat - chicken, steak, etc. - but Andy is a vegetarian. To make matters worse upon worse, my back up exceptionally well cooking talent is pasta. There isn't an Italian dish that I can't make with finesse. But Andy doesn't like pasta (at this point I would call anyone who doesn't like pasta a non-American but my point would be moot). Needless to say, we eat out a lot and when we do cook at home it's usually baked potatoes or bean tacos.

So yes! I made the quiche. The first mistake I made was not reading the recipe amounts. I was to only add 1/2 of a cup of all the veggies, which I have come to find out, is not a lot. After chopping up a full onion, heating up a full package of spinach, dicing a whole broccoli head, and opening two packages of feta, I finally realized, "oh." Basically I had enough to make 18 quiches. Then I forgot to add the salt and pepper. (Which I didn't realize until it was half way through cooking, "that's odd, I don't remember having to add salt and pepper...oh.")

When everything was done and sorted and the quiche was in the oven, I said to Andy, "In 52 minutes time either you will have the best quiche you've ever had in your life, or you will be poisoned."

I like to take a gamble when I cook.

I'm happy to report that I did not manage to poison us. I'm also happy to report that the quiche turned out exceptionally well (I've added it to my list!) and that if you need a dummy proof recipe, that's the one to do.

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  1. It was rather nice. I don't like pasta for the same reason I don't like Chinese food. The veggie options are bland as anything. At least the Italians have pizza to offer too. What have the Chinese ever done to make up for their shoddy food options?