14 September 2009

Cat party wore me out

Shit!  I forgot to post today!   Seeing as for the first few hours this morning I was holding my eyes open with toothpicks, it makes sense.   After that, I got caught up with work and reading Neatorama posts. 

Fortuitously, I really don't have much for you anyhow besides letting you know that Chloe's first cat party was a success (see didn't hiss or bite anyone...which is shocking) and I won the office football pool (seeing as I've got $3 in my bank account until tomorrow, this was quite the blessing).

Here's a joke to make up for it:
One neighbor says to the other, "Hey Joe, you have to stop leaving the 
blinds on your bedroom open, I saw you screwing your wife." Joe responds
"The jokes on you, Stan, I was away on a business trip yesterday."

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