16 September 2009

I'm so lazy, I'm giving you an entry from 8 years ago

The Arctic Monkeys show was fantastic but not much to tell about it as nobody got stabbed and I didn't get to go back stage and give Alex Turner a back rub (not that I'd want to Andy!). I am glad I got to see them finally though next time I really wish they would play Mardy Bum (Are you listening Alex Turner? No back rubs for you!).

Because it's the end of the day and my brain has turned off, I've decided to give you a entry I wrote (no longer available at the Diaryland site, at least not to you) 8 years ago when my roommate, Articulate Tom, and I went to Vegas 4 days after 9/11. I think I might be posting this as evidence that 1) I may have been a bit more exiting\excitable than I am now and 2) Damn! Look how thin I was!


(cue going back in time music)


How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great. It really was.

I Went To Vegas.

Vegas baby.

The rundown was as following:

On Friday, we raped New York, New York. So much in fact, that we had enough for another night's stay in Vegas, enough spending money for another night, and enough for two new outfits at the Gap as we didn't bring enough clothes for a two nights.

On Saturday, Mandalay Bay raped us. So we turned around and raped the Luxor. But then Paris, MGM, and Aladdin raped us back.

(2009 Editor's side note: I had used the word 'rape' to be shocking. Did it shock you? Exactly)

On Sunday...well, I don't even want to talk about Sunday, I'm too ashamed.

(2009 Editor's side note: I honestly don't know what I did on that Sunday that was so shameful after admitting to all the raping that was going on.)

But all and all, it was fun. We dressed up on Friday and just got stared at all night long. We learned how to play craps at 4 in the morning. We fell down flights of stairs, we spilled full drinks on ourselves. We went to dance clubs and decked-out restaurants. We stayed up until 7 in the morning and had 3 hour naps in the afternoon. We stalked cocktail waitresses for free drinks. We made friends at the Roulette table. We made enemies at the all night cafe. We blew hundreds on Double Diamond Delux, we won hundreds at Blackjack. We rode trams, taxis, and roller coasters. We giggled until our sides hurt.

We had fun.

And once we got back from all that fun...I got sick.

I thought it was a hangover...

Nope. It was a serious throat infection. My doctor (and I'm not kidding about this) actually jumped back from the examination table after viewing my throat.

"Well, let's see what we've got in ....AHHH!"

JUMPED BACK, people. As in, it was so hideous to look at that the DOCTOR had to shield her eyes from it. Talk about feeling like a leper.

I've still got it too, and it's a pain in the ass. I haven't been able to eat anything besides soup for the last 4 days. *sigh* All I really want is a cheeseburger...

So, I'm sorry about the delay in getting this out. And I wish I had more time to really go into the entire weekend (I'm sure I've missed some funny bits) but that stupid Work Crap That You Wouldn't Care About is once again calling me back. Until I write you next, remember that not all Blackjack dealers will find you funny if you try to double down on 13.

(2009 Editor's side note: I actually had tried to do that. Double down on 13. )

I'm wondering who will rape who next.


  1. This kinda makes me wish I had started a blog. This is a great way to relive memories.


    By the way, we were all a lot skinnier 8 years ago.

  2. You know, it's never to late to start a blog Bethhead.

  3. Casey, what this post tells me is that 8 years ago, you blogged even when you had throat leprosy. Whereas today, you have a long night and recruit a ringer from Young Casey. ;-)

    Hmmm... I believe I've angered the Badger Gods... nice badger. Good badger! Is that a knife? I'll be good! I promise!

  4. Ed,

    That's pretty much spot on Ed. I told you I was lazy yesterday.

    Oh, and I wouldn't go to bed tonight. Badgers are nocturnal.