09 September 2009

My sister needs to warn me.

My younger sister, Maggie, has been staying with us for the last few weeks.  She was only planning on staying until the end of the month but has recently decided to stick around as California is awesome.  Maggie is awesome in herself, so I think it's a good fit. 

Last night while Andy was working, I decided to put on "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" which I've been wanting to see for awhile but Andy hadn't as he doesn't seem to be too keen on serious dramas.  Maggie came down just as the movie was starting and when she found out what I was watching she said, "Oooh, I read the book, it was really good.  A bit deep though."

Have you seen (or read) "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" people?  I can't give away the end, I can't, but JAYSUS MOTHER OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, seriously?  Way to get me all, "la dee da, that's pretty funny, la dee da, oh dear, la dee da, WHAT THE MOTHER OF PANDA BASKETS?"

A bit deep.  This is what my sister tells me.  Like Mt. Everest is a bit tall. 

Casey a.k.a. Moe


  1. I guess they wanted it to be realistic. I didn't like the end either.

  2. I just sat there with my mouth open thinking, "seriously? this is where this is going? seriously?"

    I also think they rushed the end, but that's just me.

    (Man, that sounded terrible. I wish they hadn't rushed the death. I'm going to go now.)