20 September 2009

I wish I could be in a cocoon right now

So the powers that be have decided that although I am absolutely exhausted, I am not allowed to have a sleep in this Sunday morning. I shuffled downstairs at 5:30 AM and finally gave up and turned on the TV at 6. It was all dark and quiet and 'Cocoon' was on. If you are like me, you probably have not seen this movie in a really, really, long time. I couldn't remember how it ended.

Let me enlighten you.

Bunch of old geezers get on a boat driven by Steve Gutenberg. The get chased by the Coast Guard. Fog comes in and a big spaceship comes down to get geezers. Instead of using a space ladder or space stairs, the aliens suck up the entire boat into the spaceship. Steve Gutenberg jumps out to dingy with a pile of money and a goonie look on his face (not a huge stretch for Steve Gutenberg). Spaceship takes off into the sky and we attend the funeral for all the old geezers as the family doesn't know that they are now space geezers.

Now I know this a Ron Howard film and we are suppose to assume that the aliens who took the geezers away are actually going to give the geezers this everlasting non-pain life that they promised. I personally am not so sure. Are we really suppose to trust this man to give these geezers rainbows and skips through fields? I don't think so. Brian Dennehy is evil. I think Alien Brian Dennehy took the geezers to Evil Alien Planet and chopped them up. Experiments with the aging humans. I think Evil Alien Brian Dennehy made hats out of the geezers.

Maybe I just need to get some more sleep.


  1. Oh the bad TV that is on in the wee hours on a weekend. Haven't seen that flick in awhile either. I would have to agree with your perception of Brian Dennehy.


  2. Geezer Hats? Ewwww... but all the rage on Betelgeuse this season!