17 September 2009

Ordinal-Linguistic Personification (a.k.a. I'm not a freak!)

Ever since I can remember, I have always associated gender types to letters and numbers.  In my mind, 1 - 9 can be classified as such:

1 - Male
2 - Female
3 -  Male
4 - Female
5 - Male
6 - Male
7 - Female
8 - Male
9 - Male
0 - An old fat bald guy who plays video games all day long in his smelly apartment

I never understood why I did this, and I rarely brought it up to anyone else as the few times that I did, I was called weird.  I suppose it is weird in a way, but today I finally have justification that not only am I not the only one who does this, but it's a fairly common trait.


A-ha!  I can finally come out of the closet (in a sense) about my ordinal-linguistic personification!  Now I can finally explain how when 6 (male) is multiplied by 7 (female) to make 42, in my head 6 swings around to 7's apartment and they drive off to attend a party at 42's house.  42 have punch and 7 drinks too much and 6 has to carry her home mumbling the entire way that he'd rather hang out with 4 as she's got a Corvette.  24 is an awesome tree house by the way and whenever 6 swings by, 4 always wishes she was with 8. 

I. Am. Not. Weird.  Read the article people!  I'm normal!  NORMAL.  In this sense anyhow.


  1. Wow, that article is fascinating! Thanks for sharing it, o synaesthete!

    I'm fairly sure I'm not a synaesthete... I know I've played with the idea of sound having a color or words having personalities, etc. But that was sort of a childhood thing and I don't really recall any details anymore.

    It makes me a little sad!

  2. Don't recall the details?! That's a shame. It's never too late though.

    C'mon, I dare you. What's 'D' like?

  3. Holy moly!! That article was describing me! I sent it to my mom, she thinks I'm quirky, but now I have proof that I'm not the only one. HA!! Thanks for the post :)

  4. I aways tought i was the only one who did this, to me, 2 and 4 are female, 1, 2 and 3 are small children, 1 is very calm and quiet, 2 is energetic and 3 is a annoing brat, 4 is 2's mother, she is a calm single woman, 6 is a nice college boy and 3 is his younger brother, 5 is 5's fat bald uncle, 7 is a cool rich dude who is 6's friend, 8 is his father, a businessman, and 9 is some batshit crazy beggar who wanders around their houses, 0 is just 1's obese brother

  5. When I first heard about OLP, I reacted a bit like you, though more like "Wow, they have a name for this?! :D :D" It's interesting to see how other people think of numbers compared to how I see them.

  6. Thank you! I feel gender and personalities too!

  7. Mine are: 1 male 2 female 3 female (the worst one! Nobody likes three; also the arch enemy of 8 and jealous of her) 4 female 5 male 6 male 7 male 8 female 9 male 10 male.

  8. I thought I was the only one with this! I got bullied a lot because apparantely I was a "freak" or an "idiot". I'm terrible at maths - I can't get to grips with having to add a mean number (eg 7) to a nice number (4)!

  9. I have it the same way...with numbers, letters, shapes and even cuttlery...the knifes are nice elegant women, the forks a handsome nice guy who should fall in love with the knife, but in week moments turn to the spoon - who is a loudmouthed woman a bit "dirty"...i always thought it was something only i did...but in some way its also the same way for most of us the colour pink is feminim etc

  10. 1 (infant male) and 2 (toddler female) are brother and sister, and the children of 4 (male) and 5 (female) who are married (late forties). 5 cannot tolerate 4 (who is always trying to please her, but can't because 5 is a witch) and 5 complains to 6 all the time about 4. 6 (male, mid-twenties) is in love with 7. 7 leads 6 on for the attention, but actually dates/fools around with 8 (male, late thirties). 8 doesn't know about 6 & 7 flirting all the time. 9 (male, late twenties) lives away from all the others, but is filled in on the gossip of the other numbers by 7, but 9 could not care less about it all. 3 is the annoying neighbor kid (male, about 10 years old) who is always walking into 4 & 5's house and sees that they don't get along (kind of like Dennis the Menace showing up in you kitchen. All higher numbers do not have personalities.

  11. Wow, I just thought that everyone did this, it was only after reading the article and then asking my family if they do it that I realised it wasn't the everyday norm lol, my husband and kids all think I'm crazy now hehehe. It's something that I've just always done and not just with numbers but with everything :-)