08 September 2009

The one where Andy runs into a wall...

To recap, I appear to be very poor at this whole updating every day in September thing.  I blame the weekends.  Many times over the weekend I'm out or if I am home and have my computer on, it's to play on Facebook briefly before settling in to watch a movie.  This weekend was especially bad as we had my friend, Philly Beefsteak, in from Wisconsin.   Philly Beefsteak is better known as Pork Chop in most circles but I never liked that so I have been calling him Beefsteak for the better part of 13 years.  Sorry Phil.

Philly B.S. is part of the Milwaukee Hurling Club that I used to be a member of (albeit briefly) back in the late 90's.  He and I were on the same (losing) team one year.  He's a great guy and it was nice having him in town.  One thing about Philly though is that he has a tendency to bring chaos where ever he goes.  He doesn't do this purposefully, it just appears to follow him around.   There are a lot of stories I could tell but for discretion purposes, it is best that I just tell the story at hand.

On Saturday, I had decided that the three of us (Andy, Phil, and myself) would take the bikes down to the peninsula to enjoy the sun and perhaps a few cocktails.  We started off at Mutt Lynch's and since Andy and I know one of the waitresses there we may, perhaps, stayed a bit longer then we had first planned.  No worries.  We then biked down to the Balboa Saloon to play pool and finally to Cabo Catina for a blue drink (it's tradition).  Realizing that we should best head back after the blue drink, we started off.  I was in the lead on the boardwalk but as Andy knows, I tend to forget that people who might be behind me might not be keeping up to my speed and I sometimes forget to look back (because I'm concentrating so hard on pedaling) that I tend to lose those people.  Which is what happened.  Figuring there wasn't really anywhere to get lost (it was a boardwalk after all), I waited at the Blue Beat for Andy and Phil to show up.  After waiting for a good half an hour, I finally get a call from Phil.  Andy has been an accident.   He hands the phone to Andy who said, "it's just a scratch" but when I finally see Andy, my first reaction was to throw my sunglasses off my face, rip off my shirt, and use it to start wiping off the blood from Andy's face.  Just a scratch my eye.

The story, as much as Andy can remember it, is that as he was biking along, a lady on another bicycle ran into him.  Andy fell into to the left and used his face to break the fall into one of those shorter walls that lines everyone's houses on the boardwalk.  He got up and said he was fine (adrenaline anyone?) and started walking the bike with Phil, who had finally caught up with him again.  The beach ambulance followed him down the boardwalk and insisted that they clean him up.  They got the bleeding to stop for the moment, but by the time I saw him, Andy had two huge streaks of blood running down his cheek again - hence my reaction - caused from a centimeter long (and wide) gash on his cheek.  His right eye was already purple and closing up.  I very smartly suggested that we head to the hospital.

I say "smartly", which I think it was, that is, if HOAG HOSPITAL WASN'T A BUNCH OF LAZY UNHELPFUL INGRATES.   Basically we waited at Hoag for 3 hours and all that happened was Andy got a bag of ice.   3 hours was all Andy would wait so I've played Nurse Moe (with the help of Rite-Aid and First Aid kit provided by my sister) for the last few days.  He's looking better.  And if he'll send me the photos, I'll give you all a peek at what he looked like at the hospital (sans ice).

To recap this post: Sorry I didn't update.  Be careful if you ever hang around a guy going by Pork Chop.


Casey a.k.a. Moe

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