18 September 2009

Nothing but the kitchen sink

Speaking of pet peeves, I actually have another one...  Oh, who am I kidding?  My pet peeves are endless.  There is another one that I have that I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in the universe who is bothered by it.  For this reason alone, I never bring it up as I know it's stupid and petty and bringing it up may make think I have OCD but...

OK, listen.  You have the kitchen sink, right?  And it has two, um, sinks in it.  On the left hand side, is the sink with the garbage disposal.  On the right hand side is the sink with the round metal food catcher thing that you can also use to plug up the sink to wash dishes in.   No matter what apartment I've lived in that has this dual sink setup, I always keep the tap over the disposal side.  It just makes sense.  I have a dirty dish, so I rinse it off over the disposal in case there are big chunky things I can grumble up (yes, grumble...that is the action verb that garbage disposals do).   If I'm too lazy or too busy at that time to put said dish in the dishwasher (oddly, not a pet peeve of mine...I know, right?), I will put said dish on the non-disposal side so that when I next use the tap, I don't have to bang my new dish (dirty or otherwise) against the old dish that is now sitting on top of the disposal. 

But that's not all!  If there is already a plate on the disposal side, for example, and I go to rinse off another plate, then 2 things happen:  

1. The chunky bits become wet chunky bit that are now floating on top of the plate in the sink
2. The existing plate will block the entrance to the disposal causing all those wet chunky bit closer and closer to my hand.  I don't like touching wet chunky bits. (sounds dirty!)

My pet peeve is obviously when I reach the sink and there is a dish...or dishes (usually pots and pans, and those irk me more than anything) in the disposal side area.   To be fair, when I'm in the physical act of cooking, I will do that.  But it's only because I'm going to be rinsing them and most likely, washing those items right away.

Drives me mental and I know it shouldn't.  I'm working on it.  I guess by "working on it", I mean "complain about it on my blog".   Hello, passive aggressive.


  1. I am male, and therefore not permitted to have an opinion about how my roommate (my wife) deals with dirty dishes. Even if I'm the one washing them (which is about 33% of the time). I'm simply not allowed to opine on the matter whatsoever.

    So, yeah, good luck with that peeve!


  2. I have the same pet peeve. I am constantly moving dishes from the disposal side to the other side. And "HEllooo"... if there is already a dish on the correct side, why place a dish on the disposal side and make two dirty sinks? That gets me more than anything.


  3. BH,

    YAY! All my life that has bothered me but I thought I was alone. We should join forces and start an internet campaign to keep the disposal side clean!

    WADDODS! (Women Against Dirty Dishes On Disposal Side)