10 September 2009

I'm not the only one.

As the smell of someone's reheated fish lunch wanders its way into my nostrils and therefore started my gagging reflex, I delight in the fact that there are others like myself, who cannot bear to eat anything that has come from the sea.


I haven't been this happy since I found the I Hate Cilantro site.  (Note: I'd link it but it looks like a Pro Cilantro eater has put a malware virus on it - sorry!)

Casey a.k.a. Moe


  1. I've always thought seafood was an acquired taste and smell. I didn't like it as a child, but now I do. Hopefully I have never ordered seafood in a restaurant with you that has made you want to gag. Let me know if I do cuz pasta and chicken is good too.

  2. Sorry, didn't sign my name.


    That was my comment on the last post as well.

  3. Hey BH,

    No, in a resturant setting it's usually OK as the fish is fresh. The re-heated lunch though, NASTY.

  4. Hello, welcome to my world friend!