17 June 2010

Frockles are sweeping the nation!

I've got frockles on the brain.  Frockles are what Andy calls the cluster of feckles on his legs that look like socks.  I don't know why the word popped in my brain this afternoon while I was walking around the mall at lunch, but there it was.


"Shut up brain, I'm trying to walk here."


"Seriously, I'm going to run into something."

"Frockles frockles frockles frockles."

"Ouch! See? Told you. Now shut up about the frockles."





I just did a two page Google search (does one ever need to search past the 2nd page?) to verify that 'frockles' is a new word invented by Andy. I might have to update the Urban Dictionary with it to lay claim and then I will be famous. I would give credit to Andy for my famous-ness but he wouldn't be assed updating the Urban Dictionary so I have full right to steal it. I will be the Frockles Queen. Behold my Frockles Empire! As far as the eye can see there will be hipsters wearing frockle socks in homage to me (note that the hipsters will have to wear actual socks with freckles painted on them as they wouldn't have the proper DNA - a.k.a. skin tone - to have real frockles). Every May 10th the world will celebrate Annual Frockle Day(the largest celebration being in Ireland for obvious reasons)where everyone eats pie and has 'count the frockles' contests. Mayor McCheese will officiate the Frockles Festival as he was the first famous person to pop in my brain right now. Fan-frockle-tastic!

 "Those are some mighty fine frockles you have there m'dear.  May I touch them?"

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  1. Moe, I checked Urban Dictionary and there is an alternate definition for 'frockle' - it's a 'socializing group of moms'.

    BTW, 'placist' is also defined - I guess there really is nothing new under the sun.