24 June 2010

For Andy, and for all future generations

For once I did a search on the internet and came up with NOTHING.  I mean absolutely, positively, no results for what I was searching for.   That just isn't right.   I felt it was my duty as a contributing member of society that this did not go on any further.

So for future generations never again shall you come up empty handed when searching for "giraffe holding leaning tower of pisa".

You're welcome.


  1. For once I had defeated the internet and you had to go and spoil it.

    Nice giraffe though.

  2. Paintbrush is impossible to work in. The giraffe looks like it had too much pasta for lunch.

    Anyhow, sorry to deflate your internet conquest!

  3. and because there is not enough useless crap on the web yet. :)


    I like your giraffe.