15 April 2010

Some random pictures from the iPhone (because I waited so long)

So I'm 4 days late with this, which makes it a bit pointless. Unless I start a new blog feature called "The Weekend in Pictures...on THURSDAY".

Starting off with Saturday morning, I stop at Finest Nails and Spa to get my gangly toe nails trimmed and painted.

Off to the Harp to see our dear friend, Patrick, play drums with his band, Alder Eagle.

Mari and Gu bring in two little dogs that they are babysitting - puppy sitting? - for Mari's sister.

It also happens to be Tarik's birthday. There were a lot less shots than one would think. However, there were plenty off super rich brownies all around.

Andrea is happiest when she has a tambourine in her hand. Here's the proof.

Andy and I looking absolutely fabulous. That was pretty much the running joke of the weekend since after I got my haircut (fabulous), I had to get obnoxious sunglasses to be fabulous with.

"Here - hold this."

"So Oliver, what do you think of your mom playing tambourine?"

"I see."

On Sunday my sister, Maggie, took us all out to breakfast at Mutt's to celebrate her first big paycheck.

There were Peeps all around. Basically our folks had sent belated Easter candy - everyone got Peeps. Unfortunately no one in our group actually likes Peeps so the Peeps became art.

Seriously, we are so fabulous it almost makes me gag on a spoon.

Andy before he got "Sarah-ed". Sarah saw this and laughed, "Look, it's a Sears portrait - I even have my hand on his!"   I would agree save the big ole glass of beer.  Less they've changed things up at Sears since I've been there last.

Over to the Blue Beat where we have chips and I try Hot Sauce Art.

Dreary, cloudy day at the beach...just like I like it.


  1. You do look FABULOUS! Love the hair!


  2. Coming from the fabulous person of all, that's truly a compliment!