07 April 2010

Much Todo About Nothing

So I’m going to start right off by saying, I really don’t have much to tell you about today. Doesn’t that intrigue you? I bet that line would make an award winning start to a bestselling novel:

"What you are about to read is very dull. Thanks for the $12.99 you just paid for this paperback."

Fact of the matter is I have to continue to write even when I don’t have much to say or else I will stop writing entirely and that does not a good blog make. I pre-apologize (your favorite phrase, Andy) for what I will assume is a dull post. I can’t say for sure, I haven’t written it yet. Perhaps my best bet is to give you a life at the moment update.

First off, Happy Birthday Mom! Not that she reads this blog as I’ve been afraid to give her the link due to my penchant for cursing. And it isn’t that she hasn’t found it on her own- she’s a smart woman and a year wiser today to boot –but she hasn’t mentioned it to me if she has. Happy Birthday regardless.

Secondly, yesterday Andy let his boss know about his intent to move to Oz sometime in the near future. Andy inquired about a transfer through his current place of employment as it’s the easiest option for migrating. His boss’s response? Perhaps Andy should consider migrating to India as that is where the largest IT centers is in his company. Andy, being polite, said he would discuss it with me. When Andy first told me all of this I had to resist my urge to laugh, but then it got me thinking – would India really be so bad? The first thing I did was look up what the current temperature was in Hyderabad, India – where his company is located. It said 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Then I looked up yearly averages. In December, the coldest month, it averages 82 degrees. Since Andy and I both tend to moan, whinge, complain, and all around bitch when the mercury goes above 75 degrees here, we quickly ascertained that India was not for us. It’s a shame really; I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have my own cook, maid, and driver.

Brr...looks cold.

Thirdly, Billy the tomato plant developed blight a couple weeks ago. That’s the last time I heed advice from Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter comment boards. I’ve stopped watering him so much so he’s coming around, including with the spotting of two dime sized tomatoes.

Lastly, it’s the monthly pub quiz at the Harp tonight. I’m ashamed that I haven’t updated my pub quiz blog in two months. Not that anyone was reading it, but it’s the principle. I’m hoping for a good quiz tonight though, I think we’ll be going into tie breaker rounds as my quiz is so ridiculously easy this month a Miss Teen USA contestant would do well. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote it up – I must be watching too much television, my general IQ has gone down.

So yes, that’s all I have for now – exciting stuff. Now please go here and read for 5 minutes so you can suddenly think of me as the Most Interesting Blogger To Ever Walk The Earth.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, your blog is never boring to me. I like to hear about your everyday life goings on. It makes me feel connected to you. If I had a blog it would definitely be more boring than yours. "Today, Thomas made a ga ga noise...I cleaned the kitchen floor today...It is windy and cold outside..." You at least have friends and a job and a pub for some interesting material.


    P.S. I couldn't see you moving to India either. Hope the tomato plant gets better!

  2. Thanks Beth! I suppose this is going to be the closest thing to a handwritten letter nowadays. ;-)

  3. Don't by pass the India adventure too quickly - it is hard to live here - but you would never regret the experience! It is hot here - but they have a/c. ;-)

  4. I definitely want to visit one day but until they invent A\C units for clothing, I don't think I could manage the heat.