19 April 2010

The Fly, the Geek, and the Sloth

So for the dumb ass move of the weekend:

On Sunday morning when I was doing my hair I was kind of zoning out and managed to lose hold of the flat iron I was using to straighten my hair. I managed to quickly grab it, but not before the flat iron clamped on to my ear lobe. While it was only on my ear for a second, it was extremely hot and now my ear looks like the ear that fell off Jeff Goldblum in 'The Fly'. And it kind of hurts. I think it's pretty amazing how we take our different body parts for granted. I mean, you never really realize how much you use or touch a body part until the briefest moment of contact makes you howl in pain. You may be thinking, "An ear lobe? That's nothing, you never touch your ear lobe" because that's exactly what I thought. Until I realized today that when I'm at work working, I have a habit of pulling on my ears. Yeah, totally didn't know I did that.

So for the geek out moment of the weekend:

Sunday afternoon Andy and I finally got around to seeing 'Clash of the Titans'. I am a huge fan of the 1981 version. My mom claims I dragged her to see it in the theater 9 times because I was too young to go by myself. It was also on HBO the summer we got cable so I distinctly recall watching it every day, twice a day, that summer. Man, I was a treat to babysit. I have no problems telling you exactly why, at 7 years old, I loved that movie. One word: Pegasus. I'm not going to be embarrassed about that because I was a 7 year old girl. As a 7 year old girl I already had my unicorn obsession well under way. A winged horse was simply the next step. Of course, as I grew up and my obsession with anything mystically horse-related went away, I still loved the movie for it's other great moments. The Krakken, Medusa, the giant bird that carried Andromeda's cage, talking shields, invisible rendering helmets, gah. While the special effects are LAME and the acting questionable, it's still a fantastic movie.

How can you not love a flying horse?

I have been saying for 10 years that 'Clash of the Titans' would make an excellent remake just because we have the technology to make it that much better. I wasn't disappointed. Medusa was still scary as hell. The Krakken - SCARY AS HELL (Rwwwwrar!). And Pegasus? Yeah, I may have clapped and squealed when Pegasus flew into view. I'm a bit embarrassed. My 7 year old girly self couldn't contain her excitement. I want to see it again though Andy says he refuses to take me 9 times in the theater. Oh, just wait until it's on cable honey.

So for the completely unrelated to the weekend bit:

I am not a jewelry person what so ever, but I stumbled upon this today and completely fell in love with it. Not that it would look good on me, but it's so cute the urge to buy it is great. My 7 year old self might still be hanging around. Thankfully it's out of stock or I'd be $38 poorer right now.

Remember, my birthday is in 70 days!

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  1. Where was I during your Pegasus phase? You could have ran around my backyard on your flying horse with me. Unlike you, I never outgrew that stage. Now, I just play with real horses.