01 April 2010

Revenge of the AmeriBrit

So yesterday Andy became an American citizen. I would like to clarify that Andy did not qualify to become an American citizen because he got married to me - an American. You have to wait at least 3 years to gain citizenship through marriage. Nope, Andy did it the ‘ole fashioned way – many many MANY years on a green card through his employer and then lots of money to the US government to get processed.

Yesterday was his oath ceremony which I had to miss because of work and a lack of vacation days. I’m really disappointed that I wasn’t able to be there. I love me a good ‘ole fashioned oath ceremony with a televised message from the President and little plastic flags that you get to wave about. I’m trying to make up my lack of presence by holding an Americano BBQ party for him this Saturday. I’m trying to convince everyone to dress as American (or really, over the top tacky American) as they can but I haven’t really gotten a sense of enthusiasm over that (which is what you can expect if half of your guests are foreigners). Regardless of our guest’s apparel, I’m planning on making what I consider some typical American BBQ food – throughout the ages.

I’ve got your hamburgers, hot dogs, and potato chips of course but I’m also pulling out the 60’s classics – deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket, cream cheese wrapped pickles – all with little American flag toothpicks. I’m debating putting in the effort to make an Ambrosia salad – you know, the creamy Jell-O monstrosity with bits of fruit suspended in it – but I don’t know yet. If I do attempt it, expect photos.

So yes, Andy is an American now, or like we came up with quite awhile ago – an AmeriBrit. Of course this means that Andy is having a grand ‘ole time winding me up with his claim that he’s a minority now and that I’m oppressing him and he’s going to write to Obama to complain.


  1. You can't forget the salads made with Mayo that get to sit out in the sun and "marinate".


    P.S. Congratulations to Andy!