02 April 2012

Apparently this is about UK adverts...

So there's this commercial by Sainbury's (one of the bigger grocery chains in the UK) that's been playing this year. I love this commercial but hate it at the same time as it makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME (in that good way). I'm assuming this is because giving birth by proxy turns you into a complete emotional nancy.

Here, take a look and see if you can maintain stoic:

Now, if you are grabbing the tissues or have just wiped the snot on your sleeve, here's another advert that is stupid but that I've always found humorous. It might be the Scottish accent, I don't know.

Well, I wasn't planning on making a blog post about UK adverts but since that's what this is quickly coming into (as I think of more that amuse me), here's one of Andy's favorites:

This only makes the list as monkeys putting their feet in duck slippers is awesome.

For all the little Henry's out there:

You know, I like to claim that I never watch commercials since getting a DVR but it appears that isn't completely true. Anybody got any favorites out there that I've missed?

I'd like to note for the record that since I was out of the blogging loop for 2-3 weeks, it's apparently taking a while to "get back on that horse" so to speak. I'll find my voice (and hopefully my humor) again soon. I've got a box of inflatable chickens coming in next Thursday so that's bound to liven things up.


  1. Emotional nancy. I've had bowel movements that I felt sadder about.

  2. Not at all. I posted the same video on my blog. It only made one person cry because it reminded them that it's not illegal to BBQ on the beach in the UK. The verdict is you've gone soft.

  3. Sure thing, Ms. Grumps-A lot, I totally believe you.

  4. I won't say what I think in case you cry ;)

  5. I would have responded sooner but I was too busy watching 'The Notebook' with two industrial sized buckets.