09 April 2012

Sometime after the Quavers but before the Wotsits

So apparently, even with a supportive boost from the likes of Vegemite Wife, nobody else but myself tears up at the Sainbury’s commercial with the dad that steps up to the plate and shows his son an awesome day. Perhaps I am a Nancy (with a capital ‘N’ no less) after all. I did give this a bit of thought of WHY exactly that advert makes me tear up. Sadly, and this might actually put me in a worse light than just being a Nancy (with a capital ‘N’). I think that instead of seeing just a set of scenes with a dad that steps up to the plate and shows his son an awesome day, my mind immediately views it as a past tense sort of thing where the dad is dead from a tragic car accident and the son is reliving this awesome day that he had with his dad before his dad started drinking and hanging around hookers and kicking puppies and dying in a tragic car accident because his dad was drunk, getting a blow job from the hooker while driving and thinking about the next puppy he was going to kick. That fucking bastard! Thankfully the son can think back on that awesome day where they just cooked beer brats (the start of the dad’s drinking habit I’m sure!) and watched television (probably a porno) while their useless mom was out working at the Korean sweatshop for 56p an hour.

Seriously though, I can’t watch 'the Notebook’ without crying. Sometimes I purposefully watch 'the Notebook’ to cry. And I’m not talking a gentle tear down my cheek either; I’m talking the kind of sobs that give you a headache. I’m not proud of this, but I’m not about to hide it either. Perhaps I’m permanently on my period. I’m sure I have many ex-boyfriends who will claim that is true.

"Are you crying again?  Seriously?  You are such a NANCY."

ANYHOW, it is the last day of the Easter holiday weekend. Unlike the United States who go around claiming they are all Christian and all, the UK actually gives their peoples Good Friday and Easter Monday (it’s a real thing apparently) two proper days off where the good citizens of the United Kingdom can stay home from work and pray…or eat gigantic chocolate eggs…or panic shop on Saturday because the grocery stores will closed on Sunday…or sit around in your pajamas for 4 days drinking cheap vodka wondering if the “Crucifixion” on BBC1 is a new horror film by M. Night Shyamalan - your personal religious choice really.

Oh sure, we don’t get the 4th of July off but this year the summer bank holiday (basically Memorial Day) is joined up with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! And extra day off of work just because some old biddy with the Great Crown of Rule isn’t dead yet! Hurray! (This would probably be more exciting if I actually worked in an office…but still)

Not dead yet.

While we didn’t do fuck-all for the Easter holiday break beside throw Henry a birthday party (which was fun but not for mentioning on this blog), we are trying to get away for the summer bank holiday\Queen Jubilee (if I was Queen, I’d have a public holiday every time I had a lovely bowel movement)(that’s how the Queen talks)(probably). If nothing else pans out we still hope to make to the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling event because really, a whole day centered around people injuring themselves for a gigantic wheel of cheese…awesome.

These men are after a wheel of cheese.  You know what?  I totally respect them for that.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, whether you got a couple days off or not, and stuffed yourself with gigantic or tiny little chocolate eggs. I personally am working my way through all the crisps we got in the grocery delivery today and wondering if I should have a piece of leftover birthday cake…it’s my personal religious choice after all.


  1. I arrived just in time for the long weekend! Laughing at all my US friends who were grumbling about work the following Monday

  2. It's awesome, isn't it? It makes up for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend I think.