01 March 2012

Just look the other way...it's for the best

So I’ve been struggling these past two weeks trying to think of an interesting blog post that didn’t involve the kid. Henry has been growing in leaps and bounds recently and I spend most of my time thinking of ways to keep him entertained. Added in all of this is the fact that Andy and I have been trying to save money so we haven’t gone out much at all. I think our biggest trip in the whole of February was driving to Hale (countryside Liverpool) trying to get Henry to nap. We had a pub lunch after he woke up. It was very nice.

Our very mild winter is quickly turning to an early spring. It’s been in the 50’s for the past two weeks so I’ve tried to get myself and the Henbot out in the sun as much as possible. Again, because we are trying to save money this mostly involves going to the park to feed the ducks and have a go on the swings. It’s been very pleasant but not exactly blog material.

I did have this whole post planned called “Why you CAN complain about California’s weather” which involved a lot of rambling. The whole gist of the post was that because California is sunny and lovely all the time you rarely appreciate it; whilst in England (and most of the world really) because the weather is so miserable all winter, once the sun comes out you really make an effort to enjoy it for all it’s worth. Yes, I was going to make a whole post about that. I’m struggling people.

I could tell you that I made a batch of Toll House chocolate chip cookies last week using a precious bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips that I brought back from the States only to fuck them up by not having quite enough flour and just forging through with the recipe anyhow. Are you bored yet?

Oh, the children’s center that I protested to stay open? They’re staying open. Yay.

I need new sandals. I have a pair of Doc’s in sandal form but I can’t walk for very long in them. I was thinking about getting a pair of Clark’s - maybe for my birthday.

When I was back in WI, the lovely Cat at Champion’s taught me how to purl stitch. I did a whole row of purl before Henry lost his grab on the drawer he was pulling out and thwacked his head on the table leg. Much crying ensued. Knitting was hence forgotten.

So yeah, how about those summer Olympics? London…woo.

OK, fuck this shit. Cost be damned, I’ll send one of you one of those gigantic chocolate Easter eggs I’ve been seeing in Tesco since January; all you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me who would win the battle in a poisonous frog vs. Oompa Loompa fight. I’ll put all your names* in a hat and let Henry draw the winner – that is, if I can read it before he put the paper in his mouth and eats it. Comment by March 8, 2012 to enter.

Your egg won't be this big.  Sorry.  I might be able to send a pair of severed hands though if that's what you're into.

In the meantime, I’m going to do some research online to find some shit to do so I never have to give you another post like this one.

*Unless no one else comments, if I am related to you or have known you in real life before this blog existed, I'm going to have to exclude you from the drawing.  However, that is not to say I won't send you a giant chocolate egg in exchange for Trident White gum, Q-tips and Kraft Mac & Cheese.


  1. I have a few ideas for future Blogs:
    What The Fuck Happened To DR WHO. On BBC America I watched the WHO marathion in FALL and thought it lead to the new season,,,,But Noooo WTF
    Is Graham Norton Big in Liverpool? I think he's a hoot.
    What is the point of Top Gear or is that just shown is in USA?
    I think An Idiot Abroad gives UK mamhood a VERY bad look. It's kinda like our Paris Hilton shows with boobs. Oh wait, she doesn't have any.
    Does Simon Crowl insult future stars or is he only in America now.
    So What is the Telly like after 8pm?
    Beth's Mom wants to know xoxo always

  2. Loving the suggestions above. I want you to take £50 you'd have only wasted on this child you insist on raising and buy some poisonous frogs to answer the question. In the name of science, I beg you! Heck, in the name of blogging, you must!!
    PS my money is on the oompa loompas purely because they will stun and confuse the frogs with a catchy but delightful tune.

  3. Momgail needs to watch her language. :) Good questions though. I have a pair of Clarks mules and they are super comfortable. Is there lots of Olympics hoopla over there or are you too far away? I personally like the Summer ones better as they have all the horse competitions. If you need more stuff, let me know and I will gladly send you stuff. Oh, speaking of stuff, I forgot what size you said Henry is in. Let me know what kind of clothes he needs too. I will go through Thomas' stuff in the next week or two to see what I have.


    No need to enter me but poison frogs all the way. They got those sticky so feet they couldn't get them off and oompa loompa bodies can only process sugar. A piece of asparagus could kill those creepy bastards.

  4. MomGail: Excellent idea! I do know about TV...probably more than I should. I forget sometimes that you read this. Thankfully you are not put off by my "colorful" language. Or as the Brits would say, "colourful language".

    VW: Actually, I have already purchased a poisonous frogs and Oompa Loompa (they don't come cheap I can assure you!) so I already know the answer, I was just curious on what you all thought.

    BH: Ha ha! When I saw the "fuck" in the comments I questioned whether or not that was really MomGail. But then I thought, it's MomGail.

    As for stuff, I'm alright at the moment but I might call on you in a couple months when everything runs out. (You Rock) Oh, and Henry is currently in 9-12 months and I could do with some shorts for him. :-)

  5. There is no winner - they go into 'cooperaion' mode. I'll leave it to your imagination, but can tell that the outcome is a plumpy, chocolate poisonous baby frog singing ridiculous songs in a creepy voice.

  6. I miss those giant Easter eggs! That is really one area where the US needs to catch on. That and the bidet, which admittedly I didn't see the point of either, until recently pushing a giant baby out of my hoo and being forced to make do with a tiny squeeze bottle of warm water to ease the pain of stitches in an area you DO NOT WANT stitches.

    Oh, and team Poisonous Frog.

  7. Amy: You had to go there, didn't you? LOL.

  8. It's the lack of sleep. It makes me day inappropriate things on stranger's blogs!!

  9. Amy: Everyone tells you it gets better...and it does...until it doesn't. Teething is a bitch.