25 February 2012

The sunshine took this post

There is no post this week because all I could think of writing was about the weather...which happened to be lovely for about 10 hours over the course of two days this week.   Henry and I went to the park during that time - which is to say that I walked to the park two days on the trot and had to clean the house today due to all the mud we collected.   That reminds me - it doesn't matter how much Shout you use, sometimes mud just won't come out of jeans.   Anyhow, here's a cute picture of my kid who fell asleep moments before we were due to feed the ducks.

I can't wait for summer.


  1. Sleeping is always cute because they are quiet and still. :)

    Great hat!


  2. What a cutie! I would comment more but my cell phone doesn't spellcheck On this site and it gets prett incoherent typing with my thumb. In other words, HI!

  3. BH: That is so true!

    Shannen: No worries! And hi back!