26 September 2011

This Month's Picture of My Kid

Andy's kryptonite is Jaffa Cakes.  Seriously.  You could give him this entire box and the box would be gone by the time you came down with some tea for him to wash them down.  I was amused that when I handed the Henbot the box of Jaffa Cakes in the store his face lit up like it was the discovery of chocolate bunnies on Mars.  While I'm a sensible mom, I didn't actually give him one of the Jaffas to try.  But if his love of the box runs so deep, I'm sure the love of the biscuit is soon to follow.


  1. I'm going to give him a jaffa cake when you're not looking ;)

  2. Oi! Then I'll feed Jaffa Cakes to your pup when you're not looking!