14 September 2011

Broken back could use some hot dog and mustard pizza

First some pictures to entertain you with:

I saw this in Tesco last week. Compared to the types of pizza they sell in Japan, I can’t gather hot dog and mustard is too strange but it still made me stop and go “ew”. I do imagine that there’s at least ONE person in the whole of England who thinks hot dog and mustard pizza is like, the best ever, and will be quite sad when they discontinue it.

This is one of the booths we saw at the Food and Drink Festival preview last Saturday. We had just eaten so we didn’t actually take part. I don’t know why this booth amused me. Perhaps it’s the American flags all over the shop. None of the other ethnic booths had any sort of patriotic pride like this one had. You got to love America and its constant need to choke you with the stars and stripes.

Lastly we have the Beatles bobble head dolls that were on display at the Liverpool Museum that we also stopped at last weekend. I mainly took this because my step mom and her sisters have a set of Beatles bobble head dolls that are worth a bit of cash but they don’t look a thing like these ones. So yeah, I took this picture to show my step mom but because I was unloading my camera phone pictures, I thought I’d tack this on. You’re welcome.

If you aren’t interested in hearing about my kid, you can stop reading now as that’s all I got for you this week. Hey! Hot dog and mustard pizza. That’s so gross, right?

So I’ve been struggling with Henry this past week. He’s going through yet another phase and it’s exhausting. At 5 months old he started whining. As a person who tends to whine herself quite a bit, I’m now feeling quite bad to all those I’ve afflicted my whine upon. Not enough to stop mind you. Whining is fun if you are the whiner and not the whinee.

Henry is getting to this age where he’s getting bored of the play mat we got him. He’s too small yet to use the activity center we got. He wants to sit up and play with things but he’s not strong enough to sit up on his own without toppling over and banging his head. He wants to stand but he’s not strong enough yet to do so on his own. He wants to play with his blocks but his hands are too little to grab them properly. And dammit, he wants to hug and squeeze the cat but she’s too damn fast. What this all means is that he’s frustrated ALL THE TIME - hence the whining.

"I'm just SO unhappy!  I'm unhappy about being unhappy!"

My back, oh god, my poor back – picking him up from the floor, putting him back down, rocking 16 lbs of screaming infant, holding him at that awkward angle so that he can practice sitting and standing. There aren’t enough stick-em heat pads to cover the areas where my back (and shoulders and arms) ache. I have honestly started to question whether or not I waited to long to have a kid. I almost feel I’m too old for this shit. There’s a woman at the playgroup that we go too that has a 7 month old boy and is currently 4 months pregnant. She seems nice enough but you know that the woman is fucking insane.

"I'm so happy the Packers won I shall chew the ear off this giraffe."

On the plus side, when Henry isn’t whining or sleeping or eating, he’s usually smiling. It’s a big gummy grin that forces a wave of drool to come out. He giggles like mad when I do the Oscar Mayer bologna song. I’m glad he likes it because it’s the only song I can seem to remember on a moments notice. The other day I tried to think of a song but failed and just made up a song about Oscar Mayer hot dogs. Later on that night Andy asked me to please sing to him and “make sure it’s not a song about processed meat.”

Right now Henry is asleep. It’s a beautiful sound, silence.


  1. Good morning from GA-
    Be forewarned, the following contains unsolicited advice, feel free to completely ignore it. :)

    However, as my last nanny job was caring for two baby boys (yes, this is the extent of my qualifications- I don't even have children :), I thoroughly remember the whining stage. I won't delve into the peditrician's advice (just bcs I didn't follow it) but I will say this: boppy & bumpo. It may be too American, however both were life-savers. The boppy is great to help baby practice his sitting up (plop him sitting in the middle) and while you might not want to leave him unattended, if he does fall back, it provides quite the cushion; even better if you get those foam mats, then the boppy... do be warned I had one boy, Henrik, get stuck when he leaned forward for toys- no fun for anyone. Also can be used for tummy time, though by 5-months he's probably doing just fine. The bumpo is that foam seat where it magically sits a baby up with all the support they need. And you'd be amazed at how accommodating they, no matter how much baby grows.

    So that's my advice & how completely American- go buy things. :) Any who, good luck with it all. In a hopefully completely good Samaritan way, I wish ya'll all the best! Take care!


  2. Good afternoon from Cheshire!
    My advice: more booze, both you AND Henbot. Never hurt me as a baby to have a little rum-on-the-gums... Just sayin'.

  3. Ana: Thank you for the advice! Being an American, I tend to purchase anything that claims it will make my life easier - which is to say I have both the Boppy and the Bumbo. The Bumbo is useless to us as Henry hates it. It's a shame too as we spent enough on it and it has a nice tray for his toys and everything. I'll have to try to Boppy as it didn't occur to me to use it like that. If it works, it will make me feel better as again, we spent enough on it and Henry didn't like using it for feeding. What a kid, hey?

    VW: I'm drinking wine as we speak. And I think once we get to the teething stage a spot of whisky may accidental slip into his mouth. Don't tell anyone.

  4. I saw that nasty pizza and all I could think was, 'Thank god they don't label it as American-style'. It seems that all-things gross that are sold in the UK are 'American-style'. It's offensive!

  5. Kim: I was actually thinking about doing a post with pictures of everything here labeled "American Style". Seriously, they have no idea what we actually eat, do they?

  6. Sounds like teething time to me(drooling and whining). Get those teething rings that you put in the freezer they work wonders, so does the booze. Booze for the 3 of you. Oh,lots of diaper rash at teething time. If you can find Balmex over there, get it, it's better than all the other brands in my opinion. GOOD LUCK!!

  7. That's from me, Marilyn

  8. Hi Marilyn! I think you may be right. We keep checking his gums for signs of teeth but nothing yet. And booze is always a good thing.