30 April 2011

Royal Wedding flung with a beard over a rainbow

So Friday was pretty busy around these parts. Well, this whole week has been pretty busy to be honest but I don’t have pictures from the rest of the week so we’ll just focus on Friday.

Friday actually started at 2 AM for me as it was my turn to do the Newborn Night Shift and that’s when the Henbot woke up for his feed. As a quick side note, the term ‘feed’ bothers me slightly as it makes me think of vampires and by saying my child is demanding a feed is like saying that I’m raising a blood sucker – which, you know, to each their own, but I would hope he wouldn’t put in fake fangs and wear dorky leather trench coats until he was at least in his thirties and I was well dead and unable to witness it. ANYHOW, I had the night shift as stated and the Henbot was going through a growth spurt (he seriously grew out of some clothes overnight) and was fussy because of it so I got a meager 3 hours of sleep and couldn’t get anymore after Andy woke up and sent me for my morning nap because my mind was too preoccupied with figuring out what we were all going to need for our trip to London next weekend and oh my god this is a run on sentence (my favorite!). I finally gave up at 10 AM and came downstairs because the Royal Wedding was coming on and there were mimosas to drink.

Got my Tesco's Prince William champagne all ready!

I don’t want to say that I was excited for the Royal Wedding because I wasn’t. I wanted to see it and I wanted to buy some kitschy Will & Kate souvenirs to send to my sister as I get pleasure from sending tacky gifts to people but I wasn’t counting down the days to the wedding or anything. The Royal Wedding to me was just one of those British things that I felt I should experience – like watching the Queen’s speech on Christmas – even though the wedding (and the Queen’s speech) was what I would consider a bit boring. But I watched it – all two hours of it – and lived through Andy’s comments of cockneys and didn’t turn it off through the particularly boring hymn bits as much as I really wanted to and drank mimosas and dressed the Henbot up in patriotic clothes and made him watch it too and oh my god this is another run on sentence (my favorite!). I experienced the Royal Wedding in the UK and I can now tick that box off.

All kitted out...

While it shouldn’t bother me, reading Facebook yesterday did. What I found was a lot of my American friends both ruthlessly mocking the Royal Wedding and mocking those friends who posted that they were watching it. I don’t care that they were taking a crack at the Royal Wedding but it really pissed me off that some people were taking the piss at those who decided to watch it. It was like this whole hipster position of “it’s cool to hate the Royal Wedding so you must be so uncool to be watching it but instead of leaving it alone I will make sure to let you know how uncool you are because that makes me feel even cooler, especially that much cooler than you.” I mean, c’mon. Just let it go and focus on your ironic tube sock collection instead please.

(rant over)

Around 5 PM, we dropped the Henbot at his nan’s and headed to Liverpool City Centre. We had tickets to see Dylan Moran. Now, if anything describes Andy and mine’s early relationship, it can be summed up with Arctic Monkeys, Spaced and Black Books. Basically a lot of great music, funny fucked up randomness and drinking inappropriately. When I saw in the Liverpool Echo that Dylan Moran was performing it didn’t take us long to secure a babysitter and get tickets. For those who might not be aware (hi Beth!), Dylan Moran is an Irish comedian. He always seems perpetually drunk but manages to be fantastically funny. We were pretty stoked to be seeing him live.

We had a few hours to kill before the show started so we had a few pints in the Irish American pub and managed to feel very much like our old pre-parental selves even though we were both struggling with exhaustion. To be fair, a lot of our conversation focused around Henry. We’re only human.

The show was at the Liverpool Royal Court, an old theater built in 1938. We had seats up in the balcony but still had a great view. Dylan Moran was funny as expected and we had a great time. I would like to mention now that I am absolute shit at describing gigs so you’ll have to settle with that piss poor quip about the night. Just know that we had a lot of fun and I was pretty tickled that they gave out smoking passes during intermission.

Pardon the blurry shots; the camera on my phone doesn’t have a flash.

I was too scared to take a photo and annoy people when the show started.

Pure Awesome.

Next week we are headed to London with the Henbot to get his American citizenship at the US Embassy and staying a couple days to see the sights. I foresee a lot more sleeplessness as I stress about traveling with an infant in a huge city for two days.


  1. I think it's so unfair that they make you trek to the embassy in London to get citizenship. I didn't have to go to Washington DC to get British birth certificates and passports for my two!

  2. It is complete ass that we have to go all the way to London. God forbid we forget a piece of paperwork and have to reschedule. Sadly, it's the only way to get Henry into the US as if he's entitled to citizenship, you have to take it.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! Adult time rules and yes, you will not have anything to talk about for awhile.

    Dylan Moran is funny!

    Good luck in London!