05 May 2011

My State of Mind is...missing.

I brought this up on Facebook but thought I'd pose it to the faceless masses out there as well.  I'm looking for volunteers to send me the US State magnets I'm missing below.  This isn't exactly that important, but I'd like my child to know that there isn't a gigantic sinkhole where the South is. 

I'd be more than willing to send some England kitsch to those who volunteer for this.   My only qualification is that the magnets are of the same kind as what I've got already.  Basically, any truck station (T&A, Flying J, etc) along any major US highway will sell these - for about two bucks.

If interested, send an email to casey4791@yahoo.com and include your email address, what state you can send, and what kitsch you were interested in getting in return.  I'll contact you if you don't seem like a serial killer or a baby snatcher...or just plain pompous.  Including your own blog for non-weirdo verification is probably a good idea too.

What I got...or, where I've been where I remembered to pick one up.


  1. Wow... Texas sure looks small. I'm curious to see how the map looks once you get the rest!

  2. If nobody sends you a Massachusetts by August, I will! (Why August? I'll be there then.)

  3. Hi,

    This is completely unrelated to this post but I was wondering if you could please give me some advice. My husband, 2 kids (18 months & -5 weeks) and I are thinking of moving to Liverpool next January from Australia. We need to live within 15 miles of Aintree but were thinking of living in a small village or town instead of inner city. My husband has been to Lymm and loved it there but it may be a bit too far out. Any suggestions of places you know of that may fit the bill?

    Learning a lot about the potential move from you blog - thanks!


  4. Sara: Yeah,the magnets aren't exactly to scale. Once you get in the East Coast, the states balloon to the size of (the magnet) Texas.

    Liz: I can wait!

    Jane: Aintree is north of Liverpool and I don't know that area too well outside of Crosby. Crosby describes what you are after though so you might want to check that out. It's a really friendly family area with a proper "village" and nice schools and parks all that. Hope that helps!