08 October 2010

Yeah, I went there.

OK, listen.

I'm not a person who coos over stupid baby animal pictures on the internet.  I'm certainly not the type who POSTS pictures of stupid baby animal pictures on my blog thus adding to the sheer amount of fucking stupid ass baby animal pictures on the web.   But this blog is called BADGERS with knives.   Every now and again I deserve the right to post something about a goddamn badger.  Or multiple badgers...who may or may not be carrying knives (usually not sadly).   It is not my fault if sometimes these badger postings are of the baby animal variety.  Fucking sue me.

The badgers are prepped and  trained to wield knives by the time they are cute enough to have their baby picture plastered over the web.   Sneaky fucking badgers.

1 comment:

  1. eeee...so cute. I'm glad you went there.