15 October 2010

Anti-Social Week

Today officially marks the end of Anti-Social Week. ASW only lasted 5 days, but it was a much needed anti-social 5 days as the week previous got me to my limit of time spent with other human beings (other than Andy, who I can just politely ignore so he doesn’t actually count).

On that Monday (Oct. 11th), one of our professor friends had come over to buy Andy’s computer as we are currently liquidated as much crap as we can before the big move. Andy had rebuilt the PC but since our friend only had a dial up connection at home (I seriously was flabbergasted that dial up still exists) Andy felt he had to download all the needed updates and drivers for our friend. This process lasted close to 4 hours in which there was a lot of beer drinking (them) and me looking weary in my pajamas.

On Tuesday was the pub quiz at the Olde Ship where we took 3rd place and won a bottle of gin. This prize was of course useless to me – even when I can drink I stay away from gin like it was a cancerous boil. I still had fun though even though I am kicking myself for not remembering Carl Perkins. Carl Perkins would probably kick me for forgetting him if he was still alive. You know, I don’t even know if Carl Perkins is still alive – Whew, just checked – dead as a doorknob for 12 years. Lucky break!

On Wednesday was my own pub quiz at the Harp. It was a Halloween themed quiz and I brought in candy for everyone and had flashing ghost necklaces and special Halloween pencils but hardly anyone fucking showed. I’m not bitter or anything.

Thursday was cleaning night to prepare for Friday’s arrival of my dad and step mom who were staying with us for the weekend. I’d like to point out that both my dad and my step mom are incredibly skinny. Granted, they also go for hour long walks in the morning before breakfast and my dad is a private contractor so he’s always on the move and my step mom works in nursing (same thing) so they obviously burn a hellva lot more calories than I do sitting in a fucking cube all day long. Because of their lack of concern about their weight they tend to eat a fair amount of crap. I got home on that Friday afternoon and already my normally barren kitchen was filled with shit like cookies, chocolate bars, potato chips, peanuts, licorice ropes, cinnamon rolls, a case of beer, an d FULL CALORIE RANCH DRESSING (!!!!). Oh sure, they also brought in the saddest bunch of browning bananas to be ‘healthy’ but c’mon! You have to understand how growing up not athletically inclined as them that I ended up being a chubby kid.

Anyhow, the weekend was a lot of eating and driving around and general chit chat that lasted to the wee hours of 10 PM (they’re old, I’m pregnant – give us a break). On Sunday Andy and I took my dad to the OC Auto Show because looking at cars is something my dad and I both really enjoy doing. While there he made me take loads of pictures of Lamborghinis to torture my brother and his pipe dreams of owning one with.

Sadly, my brother will never sit in this car - unless he suddenly decides he wants to be a male model.

My dad sans the cookies he always seems to be eating.

A Ford Mustang turned into a pool table.  From Andy, "That's really the best use for it, isn't it?"

By the time my folks left on Monday morning, I was exhausted and had drained my head of things to say that didn’t involve the plot line to “Grey’s Anatomy”. It was then that I declared it Anti-Social Week and have been enjoying my recluse-ness ever since. I even bought a book on crochet in which to hole myself in tonight and learn how to make a scarf! It’s sad to think how excited I am about that actually, especially since I’m still working on the same scarf I started back in 2005 when I bought a book on knitting.

Oh sure, you THINK your Friday is going to be exciting, but comparably, it's not.  Sorry.

On the expat front, nothing has happened. The paperwork from Andy’s work is something that we are still waiting for. The cat will cost us around $5000 to get over – we’re currently trying to find alternatives to selling our kidneys to be able to afford it. Um…that’s it really - a lot of waiting and wishing on magical money frogs.

Check that out!  Money frogs actually exist!  I thought I just made that shit up.  The internet is such a fantastic place.

Now go away. I’m reclusing.


  1. $5000 for a cat? I have to question your sanity, but obviously not your devotion to the feline.

  2. Truthfully, we can't afford $5000 so we're looking into pirates. Know a good cat smuggler by chance?

  3. I had no idea you liked car shows. I guess after 30 years you can still learn something about your best friend. And I agree with VW. $5000? No way. Then again, her and I don't exactly get along.


  4. I love car shows! Because I'm a girl, I'm way more interested in the interior which is one thing you can do at auto shows that you can't just looking online.

    Again, we can't afford the $5000 so we are trying to find some other solution. Our options are limited especially due to her "personality".

  5. Ran across this blog while taking a break from my own packing (moving from PA to DC in mere days) and was in want of delusion as I researched European trips I shall never take because the US gov't owns my soul in student loans. With that loaded preface, I'd just like to say you are doing an awesome job in terms of blogging- though it should be noted I don't have any sort of anything in judging these sort of things. I do enjoy your writing style, and as a former peer tutor in college, I find it quite refreshing and utterly charming. I ran across it while researching Liverpool (you can only go so far in terms of disconnected travel sites) and am excited to read something that is a bit more tangible than me squinting over pdf street maps trying to make sense of well, anything. The best to you and your family, and I look forward to future posts!

  6. Anon - Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I hope you make it to Liverpool one day. It's a great city - don't believe anyone when they tell you to watch your hub cabs there. Actually, I think Northern England is loads better than the southern bits but I might be a bit bias.

  7. pay someone 3,000 to take the cat off your hands.