05 October 2010

Why I never get invited to after work happy hours...

At my office today, they have decided to put together an “International Food Fare” as an employee team building lunch. We have a lot of Indians, Asians, and Latinos in the office so I’m assuming that is what the majority of the offerings will be.

Yesterday, I was working with one of the above referenced Latinos when the Office Coordinator came up to my co-worker and asked him if he’d be willing to bring in a Mexican dish for today. I had to stop myself from feigning insult and exclaiming, “Well, my family is originally from Slovenia. Do you not want me to bring in a nice horse casserole?”

You might have thought I was lying...but no.   Beth would be sad about this but I wouldn't be opposed to giving the burger a go.

Sadly, I have learned early on that most people in this office do not get my humor and decided to just keep the joke to myself.


  1. OMG - I've been to Slovenia (Ljubljana and Bled and thereabouts) and I ate horse!! I also went hydrospeeding that day, met the British diplomats and spent the night in a prison cell. None of those things are related, by the way!
    I heart Slovenia! You should have definitely shown up with a plate o' pony!!

  2. That sounds like a blog post to me!

    Slovenia is on my list of places I have to go to while we are living in Europe. Bring on Flicka!

  3. Oh God - the long version isn't nearly as exciting as the short one. But it does involve tantrums resulting in storming off to another country (Austria, if that makes a difference) and diamonds...

  4. Now I'm even more curious! Who doesn't love a good unreasonable tantrum story?

  5. I may well have to post it now (well, not right now). And who said it was unreasonable? This was a storm that had brewed since Croatia and made its way across the border...

  6. I may eat the heck out of cow, but yes, I would be sad to eat horse.