16 May 2010

Floating Happy Hour. Awesome.

This past Saturday Andy and I brushed the cobwebs off the bikes and rode down to Balboa Peninsula. It was a lovely, sunny, 80 degree day. We stopped at Cabo Cantina and got accosted by Brian and Dana who just happened to be already there. What was intended to be a quick pit stop dragged on for a bit. There might have been a few of these:

We managed to break away finally and headed over to the Balboa Saloon to get a few rounds of pool in. Before we step foot in the door, we got accosted by a lovely lady wearing nautical gear. She asked us if we'd be interested in a free cruise around the harbor for their floating happy hour. Cheap beer and $2 tacos. They had me at "free cruise around the harbor" but it really was topped by the singing Captain:

We never did make it back to the Saloon.

Why bother?

(Side note for Andy: Phesh! Ha ha ha!)


  1. Again...jealous. I still have to try one of those so called Blue drinks too.


    By the way, you look Fabulous in that picture!

  2. Those blue drinks are dangerous. Seriously, they should come with a warning label.