06 October 2009

To be on a quest is nothing more or less than to become an asker of questions.

To continue on from last week, here is the next set of questions posted by my devoted followers (all 4 of you, but you are the best four followers a blogger could ever ask for!).

Beth continues on to ask:

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

The very boring answer to this would be flying.  I like the idea that if I felt like going to a pub in Hungary on a Friday night, I could fly myself and be there in 20 minutes.  This is under the assumption that I could fly really fast like Superman and not slow like Batman who I don't even think can fly now that I think about it (stupid Batman!).   I suppose the trouble under that scenerio would be that I might be slightly drunk when I left the bar in Budapest and tried to fly home.  I'm sure I'd have trouble avoiding other flying objects at that point.   Not to mention, that while I was still at the pub and drinking my lager, I'm sure I'd start wanting to show off a little.

"You there!  Yeah, you're all cool with your ability to slug a beer with your hands behind your back, but I can fly.  No really, I can.  Want to bet?"

Of course I would win the bet but since I don't have superhuman strength whatever Hungarian brut who lost their money would be able to break my arms and legs, no problem.

Indian food or Mexican food?

Tough choice since I really love both.  If I would have to choose though, I'd say Mexican.  It doesn't give me the shits like Indian food does.

Why do you like your favorite TV show?

It's impossible to answer this as I could not tell you what my favorite TV show is.  As a TV whore, it's like asking the Taliban what they hate most about Americans.  It's impossible to narrow it down.

What is something you wish you had never done?

I can't say there is anything I wish I hadn't done as everything I've done, even the awful things, makes me who I am today.  A better question is what I wish I had done, which is fairly easy since I think about it a lot....when I was in Japan I saw this eye pillow in the shape of a fuzzy sheep.  It was cute and it smelled like fresh flowers.  I didn't buy it thinking that I could probably find something like it in the States and that I really couldn't afford buying "silly" things.   That was over 7 years ago and I'm still searching for that fucking sheep eye pillow.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I'd say television but that would be a cop-out.  Truthfully, it's click-lit novels.   I'm too embarrassed to elaborate.

Why am I your bestest friend in the whole world?

Because I've known you since I was five and you continue to be awesome and never fish for compliments.  ;-)

Later this week we'll dive into the absurd as I answer Andy's submitted questions...


  1. Thanks for the answers. I'm glad I could help your quest. I was a little surprised by your super power answer as you hate to fly. Is it a control thing?


  2. isn't the ability to answer any question a superpower?