30 December 2011

Out with the Christmas, in with the New Year

Like most bloggers, I've decided to take the holidays off from blogging.  This of course hasn't stopped me from checking into my blog daily and cursing the Christmas wallpaper every day since we put the paper hats away.  So here's a bullshit post about nothing in particular.   No, I'll give you a couple Christmas pictures.  There isn't much to tell about Christmas itself.  It came, it went.  I ate (and ate and ate), watched 'Christmas telly', opened a couple 'prezzies', avoided brussel sprouts like the plague and polished off a half bottle of Jamesons.   You know, it was your typical English Christmas.

Henry's very first Christmas present.  Like most babies, he was more intrigued by the ribbons then the present itself.

The tree over at my mother-in-law's.

 A little nap before dinner.

I'm a bad mother as I made Henry eat all the things I refused to, like turnips and sprouts.

One could hardly contain the excitement that evening.

I had my paper hat so I was pleased.  I'm easily amused though.

I was disappointed to know that the ball pit was for Henry and not me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and hope you have a New Year's that would shame your mother**.
**BTW, here is a formal apology to all those that I drunk texted on Boxing Day.  There were a few of you apparently.


  1. I'm deciding whether to blog your drunk-text.

  2. VM: *sigh* You can if you want but only if you know the whole story on how I got so horrifically intoxicated.

  3. Well...tell the story about how you got so intoxicated. I'm sure it would be a fun read. Also, I would like a story on that tree and the crowns. Is that the British version of an artifical tree and are you honoring the baby king Jesus? :)
    Looks like you and the family had a good Christmas.


  4. BH: You have inspired my next post!

  5. In my defence, I'da looked more excited on Christmas if I hadna had an agonising bad back. And other ailments. Does that make it any better?? ;-P