24 January 2011

Even girls like me get baby showers...

So after reading Vegemite Wife’s recent picture post on a baby shower, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit smug coming home this past Saturday night from our baby shower (California edition) and going away party. First of all, our baby shower (CA edition) was at the pub. I think even the most heated Baby Shower Haters (read: Men) can appreciate a baby shower at the pub. Secondly, there were no stupid baby shower games like “Guess what that brown substance is that we smeared in a diaper!” or “What objects could successfully pass through a 4 inch dilated cervix?” – (having never been invited to a proper baby shower (for obvious reasons), I’m only guessing these are the games women play at them. I could be wrong. They could be playing ‘Spin the Bottle’ or ‘Let’s Get a Male Stripper to dress up in a bee costume while we hurl donuts and condoms at his “stinger”!’). What we did have at our baby shower was plenty of beer, a cornucopia of fried food and of course, cake. Who doesn’t like cake?

I want to give a huge thanks to Michele, Mari and Marilyn for throwing us this awesome party. Sadly, unbeknownst to them and me was that a good chunk of the invitees (including my sister) had already made plans (with tickets) to see the English Beat in LA that same night. When Andy and I first walked into the Harp there were balloons covering most sections of the pub. I went out to the girls on the patio and said, “I think we seriously overestimated how many people were actually coming tonight.” All in all, I think we had about 20 people (who probably all went into a cholesterol filled shock after all the fried food) and it was a great group and it turned out to be a really good time. I also got some awesome gifts.

Some pictures from the evening:

I'm so stoked that someone got baby Henry a PGA Tour video game.  How else is he going to learn his 8 iron from his 6 iron?

Andrea, Michele, myself and Mari.  Bunny ears supplied by Andrea's son, Oliver.  Sure, I could have cropped the ears out, by why?  Totally makes the photo.

Patrick, Brendon and Gunter letting me know exactly how they feel about attending traditional baby showers.

I totally commend Andrea for her attempt at photo bombing this picture.  It would have been better if she had one of those horrible orange tans or a random tassel, but this will have to do.

No, I'm not strangling the giraffe.  Sadly, this is how I hold most things - Homer Simpson style.

Andy, with beer, trying on Henry's new clothes. 

Spot the sober person!  I actually yelled at Andy for ruining this photo but on reflection, I think my obvious sobriety is what kills it.

I will say that as the sole pregnant lady at the pub, I was really jealous as I slowly watched all my friends get hammered. Then again, I also had a good time watching them get hammered as there is nothing quite like fucking with a drunk person, albeit kindly since they were, after all, my friends. I don’t reserve the same restraint for strangers.

In a couple weeks, we’ll be having another baby shower\going away party at my parents’ house in Wisconsin. I’m sure it will be more of the traditional type of shower where I won’t get to feel smug, or eat my weight in fried food or get to watch my relatives get smashed (well, not most of them anyhow). I probably won’t blog about that one either. I will, I assume, be blogging about watching our beloved Packers play in the Super Bowl from a stool at Champion’s - my old home pub.


  1. Yours was probably the best baby shower of all time. A distant second would be a pizza party, I think. Also, Henry is a wonderful name for a boy, and he's going to look quite sharp in his outfit that Andy tried on for him. I hope you get a lot more baby swag at the next shower!

  2. A pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese no less! Though the animated Chuck E. Cheese band freaks me out.

    When you have yours, make sure it's at a pizza parlor with one of those huge organs. And when I say that, I really hope you know of a pizza parlor with a huge organ from your youth or else that's just a really random comment.

  3. Massive thumbs up - this is my kind of baby-related celebration!

  4. I already told my mother it'll have to be a pizza party with a keg of Sam Adams. She gave a deep sigh and changed the subject. Because it'll be when we move home, after this lady is born - and I'm probably going to want to get crunk.
    This summer is going to be epic.

  5. VW: I thought you might approve!

    Liz: Oh, see? That's awesome. A baby shower AFTER you give birth. It totally makes more sense. You get a room full of free baby sitters and you can drink. That's it, I'm insisting on a 3rd UK shower in April!

  6. Man...I should've been to that baby shower. The one at your parents is going to be so tame.
    A pizza party shower sounds awesome too. I can only assume you were talking about The Organ Piper which my family went to quite frequently as the place served beer for the adults.

    See you soon!!!


  7. BH: Yeah, the one at the folks house is going to be very tame (I like that your resisted your urge to write 'lame'). But the food will be really good and there will be beer to be sure. It's still WI after all.

    Yep, I was referring to the Organ Piper. Is that place still open?