07 December 2010

It's called a bandolier, but that's a boring name...

A conversation between Andy and myself last night while watching “The Good, the Bad, and the Weird”*:

ME: Do you think there will ever be a time when wearing a sash of bullets is a good idea?

ANDY: I doubt it.

ME: Well, you never know. I mean, what about an apocalypse? You might need a sash of bullets if there were zombies or whatever.

ANDY: Of course with an apocalypse a sash of bullets would probably be helpful.

ME: …like a wrist watch is now.

ANDY: I don’t wear a wrist watch.

ME: Exactly. Who says you have to wear a sash of bullets? It would be handy, sure, but you don’t have to. I mean, a sash of bullets is pretty heavy. It’s probably pretty poke-y in the skin-y.

ANDY: …depending on what kind of bullets you had.

ME: Shotgun bullets might be nice. Heavy, sure, but they come in that nice red color…I think I could match a blouse or two with that red.
I could totally match a purse with this.

*I don’t have a stenographer so some of this conversation may vary. The general gist is there.


  1. ooooo...red IS a good color. Although, if you are in a situation where you actually need to wear a sash of bullets, red is not the best to stay under cover. It kinda screams "HERE I AM!!! LOOK AT ME!!!"


  2. BH,

    I hadn't even thought about that! Damn! And I just don't look good in camouflage.