28 January 2010

But I've already switched to decaf.

So this morning I'm driving to work and I notice that the driver in front of me has, from what I can tell from the angle and squintyness of early morning, a huge mop of frizzy, curly, grey hair on which on top he has placed the most comical little black bowler hat. I know this is hard to describe and I really did attempt to draw you a picture in Paintbrush but it really didn't do it justice so you'll just have to bear with me here...but just imagine. Normal sized man with really big, I mean like Carrot Top big, curly grey hair and the world's smallest bowler hat.

Look, it's like this:

On this:

But this color:

It was one of those things that I stared at in disbelief wondering what the hell a man wearing a tiny little bowler hat on his enormously huge noggin of old man hair would be doing at this time of morning. He couldn't possibly be going to work unless his work was part of a Three Stooges Come Back Tour. Was he going shopping for a new hat? Was he on his way to the barber's and wanted to show the barber how he would like his hat to fit? It was a mystery.

Of course, when I pulled over to the side of his car I realized man with small bowler hat on big head of hair was really a tall woman with Very Unfortunate Bangs.

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