10 November 2009

Short but sweet memory from the Moe file

Short but sweet: A memory from the Moe file

Sometime in 2000-2001, I went to visit Buxy up in Portland.  One of the days that I was there, Buxy, Staley, and I drove up to Mt. Hood to, you know, go somewhere high up to look at stuff.  I believe Buxy had his Need A Walker It's So Old Volvo at the time, which was a manual, and on the way down the mountain decided to put the Volvo in neutral to see how far we could go without stepping on the gas.  We made it quite a few miles with little effort this way but it started getting to the point where there were uphill bits and much as there were downhill bits.  On an uphill bit, the three of us would start pleading with the Volvo to roll a little bit faster, rubbing the dash of the Volvo to spur it to No Gas Greatness, making bets between ourselves if this indeed was the last hill.  I think all and all we made it 5 some miles in this manner and had a big collective sigh when the Volvo finally found its way back into gear. 

And that is a short but sweet memory from the Moe file.


  1. That was a great memory. I can just picture the pleading with the car.


  2. yeah, I loved that car. Was that the green one? That started on fire.
    The beige/cream one was too small for me :(

  3. It was indeed the green one. And I find it completely awesome that it set on fire.