02 November 2009

The curious case of the grumpy Monday

I'm grumpy today.  It's not a PMS grumpy, it's a general Monday grumpy that appears to be highly intensified by...well, I don't know.  All I know is that it can't be humanly possible that everyone in Southern California is lost and driving in front of me.  Or has a brand new car that apparently did not come with a gas pedal that is unable to exceed 25 miles per hour.  And I know it can't be possible that every single person that has our software is unable to navigate the computer past the Start button.  It's just not possible.  For this reason I can only ascertain that I am grump-tastic.

At lunch today I actually said to the very new cashier girl at Daphne's in response to the question, "Would you like the plate lunch?"

"Um, yeah."  -and not "um, yeah" in that indecisive sort of way, "um, yeah" in that horrible sarcastic way.

I'm not this person!  I've worked in the service industry for the first half of my working life.  I'm nice to cashiers and wait staff and bartenders!   "Um, yeah" is not part of my regular vocabulary!

I hate being grumpy.  The worst thing about being grumpy is knowing full well that you are grumpy and have no control over it.   It's that look people give you when you've been particularly grumpy: 

"Oh, you're grumpy" or, if they don't know you, "Oh, what a bitch."

I'm going to go sulk now.   Sulking is the bastard love child of grumpy. 


  1. Been there! Sorry the grumpy piano fell on your head this morning.

    um... BEER.

  2. Many a times I have wanted to "um, yeah" the cashier. I, too, am not that person. Mostly because I judge the grumpy people that do. Hopefully today is better and you have gotten rid of the bastard child sulkies.