27 August 2009

If you don't mind egg on your sub...

Did you know Subway serves breakfast?  It's true, and it's damn cheap.  You can get an egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on flatbread for $3.00.  Plus, you can put on any of the regular sub toppings on it at no extra charge. 

I like BLTs.  No, I love BLTs.   They are god's gift to my stomach.  My stomach goes "hallelujah" the minute the first bit of chewed up bacon\tomato\lettuce combo hits it.  I made the mistake one morning by ordering a regular BLT sandwich on flatbread.  It was a little over $5.   While it doesn't make sense that adding a sad slab of formed egg product to said sandwich suddenly makes it $2 cheaper, I'm going with it.  Like the egg they use has any flavor anyhow.

This is a message from your local cheap bastard.

Casey a.k.a. Moe


  1. I've always found it funny how fast food places charge for their meals. I once tried to substitute a yogurt for fries in a combo meal at McD's. Even though the yogurt is cheaper than fries, they made me order it separate and I ended up paying more because their machine doesn't do substitutions. Stupid.


  2. That is stupid!

    I remember Sarah always ordered her burgers at McDonald's without pickles as it guarenteed that she would get a fresh burger rather then one that had been sitting out.

  3. I once dated a gal that worked at Burger King. She advised me to always order my Whopper with something different - like extra sauce or no sauce or no ketchup and then just add a packet at the table. She said they make you a fresh one.

    I said, "The commercials say you don't make it 'til I order it!"

    She laughed in my face. I decided that I didn't really want to know any more than that about how fast food places are run.