09 September 2012

Oh America...

...you so crazy.*

*This piece of shit post was brought to you by "I'm so fucking tired right now, I could sleep for 18 days",  "Moving houses is a ball ache" and "Have you seen my camera cord\ear phones\kid's baby blanket\extra pajama bottoms?  No?  Shit, they must have been shipped."


  1. Crazy? Or Crazy Awesome!

  2. I don't fully understand the candy corn thing. It doesn't taste like corn, right?
    Someone is sending me candy corn M&Ms.

    1. No, it doesn't taste of corn....just sugar.

      I don't know if you'll actually like candy corn, or something flavored as it. Candy corn is just one of those things that if you didn't grow up with it you will either hate it or think "what's the big deal?"...or both really.

      If you do get your hands on some proper candy corn (rather than just flavored as something else), the correct way to eat it is by sections. I go for the white bit first, leading up to the yellow "kernel" bit at the top.