14 November 2011

A Quick Snapshot into our Daily Life

This picture pretty much sums up our daily life at the moment.  There's the child, fully awake, ready to cause some chaos.   There's the cat, still quite annoyed that we brought in another addition into the house.  And finally, there's Andy, looking exhausted.   It probably doesn't help that the cat prefers his lap over all others and that I keep passing off the kid so I can write quick blog posts like this one.


  1. *write...!
    If you didn't flake out on people, you'd have a completely different picture. Just sayin' :)

  2. Even though I can't see Chloe's face, I can see the expression perfectly. If that makes any sense. Cute family pic. The real life ones are the best.


  3. Cats always have that sort of expression but it increases with Chloe whenever Henry is within a foot's range.