22 June 2011

He could have asked for grapes. Grapes would have been fine.

This really isn't a post, it's just a quick story I thought I'd share with you all.

I was reminded of this story driving to Sentry tonight to pick up some beer and 2 bananas for my father. The beer he wasn't very specific about but he was very clear on the two bananas. 1 banana simply wasn't enough and 3 bananas would just be greedy. I started to think about it on the drive there and I felt a bit uneasy on what the general Sentry opinion of me would be when I checked out 2 six packs of beer and two bananas. I mean, I can't be the only one that is thinking some kinky sex thing with beer floats and banana pasties - and I'm not talking pastry here.

8 years ago I was unemployed so I was doing some handy man type jobs with my dad who is a private contractor. We were on site and my dad needed some duct tape. The house we were working on was also out of toilet paper so he sent me to this exact same Sentry to pick up the items. As it were, I had gotten my period that morning so I also needed to pick up some maxi pads. So I'm at the check out and I look down to notice that all I am indeed buying is maxi pads, a jumbo 20 pack of toilet paper, and duct tape. The cashier kind of raised her eyebrows but it was the bagging boy who had the guts to say, "looks like there's one hell of a party going on at your place."

It's because of that incident that my dad got 2 six packs of beer, 2 bananas, and a lovely 1/2 lb tub of macaroni salad from the deli. I don't even know if he likes macaroni salad but hell if I'm getting any comments again from the bagging boy.

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  1. Gotta love your Dad. Funny story. Thanks for the giggle.