14 March 2011

This post is delivered to you straight to your door.

So I’m currently drinking Horlicks Light Chocolate Malt which is slowly becoming my Favorite Hot Drink EVER. It’s chocolately and malty and although it has like, the worst name since the Kum & Go in Kansas, it’s delicious. I would highly recommend it. It’s actually supposed to make you sleepy but I haven’t had a problem with zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZ hmph…what was I saying? Sadly, I can only assume that when people from the States come and visit me and I’ll do my usual crap where I force a food or beverage on them telling them it’s The Best Thing EVER and they will try it and humorously give me an “it’s ok, I guess”. Maybe I need to change my tactics and just slip this to them instead of the cup of tea I’ll promise and let them make their own assumptions – which would be “England’s tea sure tastes a lot like hot chocolate.”


In case you thought I was lying.

ANYWAYS, since I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath wondering if we got approved for the house in Mossley Hill (illusions of grandeur anyone?), I’m proud to say that we did. We got the keys on Saturday but since our bed won’t be delivered until this Wednesday, we aren’t officially moving in until then. Ever since we got approved there has been this Great Money Suck occurring as we rush around buying everything that we previously sold 2 months ago (those being things that plugged in or that were too big to ship) as well as things that we didn’t need before but we sure as hell need now. Obviously there are the baby things but mostly it’s the storage. For those who don’t know, in England (and I’m sure the rest of the UK if not Europe in general) houses do not typically come with closets. In the house that we are moving into – 3 bedrooms remember – there are approximately no closets. None. Zilch. Zero. There aren’t any shelves either. It’s all just walls, electric sockets and a door to each and every room. Honestly, not having closets is fine, but it’s just the expense (that we didn’t plan for) of buying cabinets and storage units so our clothes and what else isn’t piled in a heap in the corner of the room (I totally had an ex-boyfriend in my early 20’s who did that – 3 foot high piles of god knows what – and he had a closet available) that’s the pain.

Just see how fast the song gets in your head.

Which brings us to the delivery schedule. Because we bought a lot of big things that couldn’t fit in the car, we are having item after item delivered to the house starting on Wednesday. I’m sure our new neighbors are going to think that I’m a daytime prostitute what with all the strange men that will be coming to the house in the next few days. I’m even having groceries delivered! Now hear me out on this – Andy works days and I don’t have a car. Andy also hates grocery shopping. The Tesco by our house is a half mile away, which isn’t bad, but I’m also 8 months pregnant and need to buy our first big grocery haul which is going to be heavy. For 4 quid delivery, I went online and got everything we need and they’ll drop it off at my front door. The front door! Since laundry can no longer be my favorite chore, I think online grocery shopping in my pajamas will slowly move up the ranks to the Best Chore Ever.

I'll never have to leave the house again!

So yes! Bed on Wednesday, cable and internet on Thursday (no internet for over 24 hours…the humanity!), and the ugly ass couch on Friday. Did I say that? Alright, listen. We got a couch and a matching chair and a foot rest. We needed the price to be reasonable, the couch comfortable, and the delivery of said couch as soon as possible. We found a couch that was all of these things but I think its hideous looking. I think it looks like a bunch of filtered cigarettes all lined up in a row. Andy likes it. Andy works all day to keep us fed so I said that it was OK. I also know that after 5 years of cat scratching and baby puke\toddler dirt\small child jam hands that we will need a new couch. I can deal with it; it is comfortable and affordable after all. Just don’t think that this couch is in any way is my “style”. I am more the comfortable minimalist type then the “Let’s sit on a pack of Marlboros” type. The foot rest with built in storage is pretty sweet though. And come Saturday, Andy and I can lay out on our new couch watching cable TV eating frozen pizza because really, that’s all we’ll be able to afford to do. I honestly can’t wait.

 Don't laugh, you all will be sleeping on this when you come and visit.


  1. Hi just came across your blog and think I'll be reading back through your previous entries. Just wanted to let you know that Tesco delivery will actually carry the bags through into your kitchen for you, make sure you ask the delivery guy if he doesn't offer which I'd hope he would with your being pregnant.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the delivery! I was hoping they'd bring in the groceries but I wasn't counting it. I was just pleased the groceries made it to my door.

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the posts. :-)

  3. There's a Kum and Go in Rice Lake, WI too! I always cringe when I see the sign and try to avert my eyes as I don't want to think the things that sign says. Who thought that name was a good idea?

    You will have to educate us ignorant Americans as I have NO CLUE as to how much 4 Quid is. Or any of the UK currency for that matter. I can only guess it was cheap as you were very excited about the delivery. US grocery delivery is still too expensive vs the time it takes to actually go to the store.


    Your couch looks like it is smiling. Must be the Marlboros.

  4. Kum and Go! Haha!
    The front of the couch looks like an oreo cookie.

  5. BH: I didn't know the Kum & Go was kuming and going that far north. *sigh*

    "Quid" is slang for "pounds". Its the equivalent of "bucks" for "dollars" in the US. 4 quid/pounds is about $6.42 bucks\dollars.

    Liz: The couch is smiling to mock me.

  6. Your couch is very British looking. Is it a mixture of leather and fabric?? That's a style I'll never get on board with.

    Also, I'll truly be impressed if your internet is actually working on Thursday. For no particular reason, it took them 6 weeks to get mine sorted.

  7. Kim - It's all fabric, but the brown bits are suede. Certainly doesn't make it any better, does it?

    And I'm proud to announce that not only was Virgin Media here and got us installed on the date they promised, but they were here within 2 hours of the 5 hour window they quote me. Time Warner back home should take note!

  8. Wow! There are a lot of companies in Britain that could take a lesson from them!