09 July 2009

Thought you'd gotten rid of me, hey?

The first post on a new blog is a difficult thing to pull off. The first post of a blog sets the tone for the entire life span of a blog. A bit like your mother who when you say at seven years of age that you like flamingos will always to the end of your days (or hers) buy you flamingo related items although you lost interest in flamingos a week after making that statement. Such is the first post. If I were to say, “this here is a blog all about knitting” most of you would say, “OK, if I ever feel the need to knit, I know where to go” and would be sorely disappointed if you were to come back a year later (because, c’mon, how much information on knitting do you really want to know?) only to discover I’ve moved on to hamster training.

This is my 3rd blog. My first blog over at Diaryland was a blog of a 25 year old who didn’t know how to keep her mouth shut regarding her exploits in the local nightlife. My 2nd blog, newthisweekend.blogspot.com, was fun- but trying to find new things to do every weekend was exhausting, expensive, and just a bit limiting on what I wanted to say. This blog I’m hoping to combine the best bits of the two. I hope it’s good. I hope you stick around. I hope that I win the lotto – ah shit, I just checked. No. Damn.

I haven’t written anything more than work related emails in ages so my thought process in writing is a bit cob-webby. Seriously, there is a spider chilling out in my ear canal a bit paranoid he’s about to be evicted. I had a joke in my head about having a little broom to clean my ear out… *a-hem* Yeah, I’m a bit rusty. Give me time.

So what will this blog be about? Your guess is as good as mine. But it’s got a picture of a badger to start off with so it can’t be all that bad.


  1. Are we talking switchblade, Bowie knife, machete, or garden-variety kitchen knife? Each would represent a different kind of drunk, I've found... ;-)

    Welcome back!


  2. Hey Ed!

    Glad to see you found the new site OK. As for the knife, I have no idea. I'm thinking a big Rambo style knife. It seems badger worthy.

  3. Given the relative size of a badger paw, I would suggest it would need to be a small scale replica of a Rambo knife. I always imagined them armed with Italian stiletto style knives. Not sure why, it's just the mental picture I see. Whenever I close my eyes.